What is Microblading?


Microblading is a natural hair stroke style of tattooing the brows. Each set of brows are custom-shaped to the client's face. Ink color is chosen based on the client's skin tone, not their hair color! 

This is a great option for client's with alopecia or thin brows that don't wear a lot of makeup daily.


What is Powder Brows?


Microshading is also known as ombre or powder brows. This is a more dramatic, full makeup brow look! This look is for client's that wear full makeup daily and religiously fill in their brows. 

Clients with oily skin will achieve better results with microshading.


What is Combo Brows?


Combo Brows is the best of both worlds, microblading & microshading! Microblading in the front of the brow makes it still appear natural and fluffy. Microshading through the arch and tail still give the brow a dramatic shape without the daily maintenance.



What is Lip Blush?

Lip blush is the newest permanent makeup trend, more popular than ever due to masks! Sick of your lipstick smudging? Tattoo your favorite color on! Believe it or not, when done correctly, lip blush should be almost painless!


Permanent Eyeliner?


Sick of wasting your precious time everyday applying eyeliner, just to smudge it? Let me help you! Whether you want to enhance your lash line, or totally wing it, let me make your liner dreams come true!

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