Vermont New Hampshire Florida Permanent Makeup &Jewelry Training

Permanent Jewelry Training

Jacksonville, Florida & Vermont

Are you ready to learn the newest beauty business trend?!

14k Gold & .925 Sterling Silver ensure high-quality bracelets, anklets, rings & necklaces that last for years to come!


No Clasp?

No Problem! 

Permanent jewelry is custom fit to size every time .

  • Welded within minutes!
  • Add charms or connector chains!
  • Mix & match metals & gems!


Flash & Fuse Master Trainer

Nurse Tracy

  • Hands-on training with the tools of the trade
  • Online course portal with detailed video tutorials
  • Marketing templates included


 You Don't Need to Learn Alone!

You're on Our Team!

  • Lifetime Education & Support
  • Sunstone Welders Registered Dealer
  • Jewelry Care Instructions Included

What Students Say...

“You teach the business side of Permanent Jewelry, how to do LLC etc. You're genuine and passionate about Permanent Jewelry and helping others.”

Kelsey B.

“Not only did I learn a fun skill, but I've gained a lifelong friend! I love having the ability the run a business outside of a licensed tattoo shop. That was a huge plus for me to be able to make money outside of the studio!”

Nurse Tracy

"I love how responsive you were and your willingness to help before I purchased anything!”

Lesley G.